Hi there and thank you for stopping by my website.  My name is Tara Starr Hurley and I am a proud police wife, mother to two incredible little people and two cats that think they are people!  On Friday nights you will find me teaching acro to lots of wild and beautiful little dancers!  I also teach Tinkergarten!  I am a "crazy cheer mom" who believes in being thankful for each day we have been given to do what we love!

I should first tell you that I have had a passion for photography my entire life.  I just find it amazing to be able to capture any single moment to then produce a single piece of paper that is so powerful it can take you back in time just by looking at it.  Notice I said produce "paper"....a tangible piece of art to hold in your hands.  Something that can not be erased by the click of a button or a crashing hard drive.  The passion that I have to take those photos is the same passion I have to actually print those photos, and to scream from the roof tops for everyone to print their photos. I am on a mission now to print more photos than ever before.



Before starting my photography business, my other passions consumed my every waking moments.  For almost 20 years I spent my days as a childcare provider and my nights and weekends as a competitive high school cheerleading coach.  I also regularly worked with youth cheerleaders, teaching tumbling classes and cheer clinics.  I don't remember a time that I wasn't surrounded by babies, toddlers, kids, tweens and teens.  It's all I have ever known, it's my comfort and it has made me the person that I am today.  


I closed my home daycare in 2014 to chase after a dream of having my own portrait studio. What a journey it has been so far.   I wanted to be able to create the perfect portrait experience for my clients.  My home studio is my happy place for sure.  I have worked very hard fine tuning my program to offer a complete luxury experience from start to finish. From the beginning at our consultation, the fun part shooting, the really fun part creating the perfect collection to showcase your images and then finally, providing you with amazing art to have forever.  I am proud of what my business has become.  I am proud that I don't take pictures and send you on your way with nothing but jpegs that will wind up in a drawer or lost in the black hole on some computer.  It's taken me a little bit to get to this place, but I am here and love seeing how happy my clients are when they trust in the process and walk away with beautiful family heirlooms.  To realize photos are for way more than just sharing on social media.  To see the excitement a stunning gallery wall can create or to see happy tears wiped away when looking through a beautiful album.  To actually see my creation be enjoyed daily and not just scrolled by and forgot about in seconds.  I am so very greatful for being trusted to capture such special moments and create beautiful memories you can look back on for years to come.  It's really an amazing process I get to be a part of..........

Tara Starr Photography specializes in organic custom maternity, newborn, baby, child, family and boudoir portrait sessions.  

Also offering first communion and high school senior portrait sessions.

Tara Starr Photography offers a popular 15 month Baby Collective that covers pregnancy

through baby's first birthday portrait sessions.  

I would love to share all the details with you today!

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