Boston Area Boudoir Studio | Tara Starr Photography at The Swan Boudoir Studio

Oh this amazing woman! I can’t even put into words the time we had with this Queen Bee! I have never met someone with a more infections personality! She is her true self and would never apologize for being anything less! I love the fact that she is who she is no matter who is around or where she is. It is truly inspiring! You get 100% of her and I feel so lucky to now call her my friend! Confidence exudes from her body and I honestly think she should teach a class on how to love yourself for exactly who you are! We should all have one quarter of her self love!

Here is what this awesome gal had to say about her experience at The Swan….

“Before the session I was SO excited to be pampered and to see the masterpieces that could be created through my personality.

The best part of my experience with Tara is that I did the photo shoot with my friends. Having your girls with you for the Ultimate Swan Party was the most fun way to do it!

 I Think EVERY woman should experience the SWAN photo shoot. Atmosphere was so peaceful and it smelled amazing. The decor was relaxing and Tara is amazing and the people she works with are perfect as well. Also, what girl doesn’t love complimentary fresh fruit, cheese crackers and Bubly!! I felt like a Glamorous Goddess and I know I am one host mamma! The session was PERFECT and I can’t wait to do it again!!!”

Oh I know I will work with her and her girls again! I can’t even wait for round 2!!

Leave this lady some love!!!!! Everyone loves to hear how gorgeous they are!!! Contact us to get in on our October 21st boudoir day at the studio!

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