Boston Area Boudoir Photo Session | The Swan Boudoir Studio by Tara Starr Photography in Reading Massachusetts

This gorgeous gal is decorating our very first blog on our NEW website for The Swan Boudoir Studio by Tara Starr Photography. Gahhhhh!!!  I loved every single thing about this session!  Miss A was simply stunning in every look we created and I absolutely loved getting to know her during our session!  

I often get asked if it's weird taking such intimate photos of someone you just met.  I can honestly say NO!  Not one session has ever been awkward or anything but  fun and super empowering!  I know it is for the ladies.  I see the confidence start to ooze out of them during the hair and makeup process.  By the time they get to me they are all fired up and so ready to rock it!  I love getting to know every woman we have ever worked with.  Hearing their stories and their reasons for coming in.  My role is super empowering for me as well.  I love my job as a boudoir photographer.  I love the role I have in helping woman see that they are beautiful and letting them feel allowed to unleash their most confident self!  Reveal your swan today!  Miss A sure did!!!!  Leave her some love on my first blog post!!!  


Tara Hurley