Why you should book a boudoir photo shoot? | Massachusetts Boudoir Photography Studio

This is a question I have to answer all the time! Especially when talking to strangers about my business. I get the “Why would anyone do that?” or “I don’t have a boyfriend to take pictures for”. Even my own makeup artist who sees just how amazing these sessions are made a comment the other day that had my brain in a tizzy. She said “I need to lose weight first.” My mind starts to swirl and I want to immediately go down the list of reasons for doing a boudoir photo session, RIGHT NOW…TODAY…. Not when you get a husband, not when you lose 25 pounds…..right now, and for no other reason than to celebrate who you are RIGHT NOW! Sure, lose the weight you want to lose and be damn proud of yourself, but that is no reason not to celebrate the amazing woman you are TODAY and all you have lived through. You deserve to be confident RIGHT NOW!

As woman we need a reason, we carry guilt about treating ourselves to things. We need validation to spend money on ourselves. So doing it for a partner gives us a “reason”, and it is a GREAT reason, it’s an AMAZING gift to give your partner. A gorgeous album of you looking beyond beautiful, I mean obviously they will love that, BUT I can tell you 1000% the experience from the planning, getting the nerve up, getting excited and walking in the door and sitting in the chair to do something so pampering and transformative is FOR YOU! And that is exactly how it should be!!

I’ve often said (because I have heard from my clients) that this experience is LIFE CHANGING and I will get an eye roll or an attitude, mostly from men who think I need to take it down a notch. But I have seen it over and over. My sessions are much less about sexuality and way more about gaining confidence, feeling empowered and falling in love with yourself, as you should be. The inner transformation for a woman who has maybe lost herself in grind of motherhood or who is coming out of a terrible relationship and just feeling really down about herself. It happens. We have all felt less than good about our bodies and who we are, it’s human nature. So I am proud of the safe space I have created to allow women to see themselves with new eyes, to look in the mirror and say “WOW, that’s ME!”, and feel totally proud and watch that turn into confidence and have them leave my studio holding their head high. Why do we need a reason to do anything for ourselves other than to do something FOR OURSELVES!

You deserve to feel amazing, to stand taller, to have the confidence that will spill over into your daily life. To know what you are worth and what you are deserving of on a daily basis. How you should be treated and what you should settle for in life.

So why should you book a boudoir portrait session? Why not!? To feel amazing, to gain confidence, to enjoy a day of pampering and being told over and over how gorgeous you look rocking that pose, to feel like a woman, to be completely empowered and change the way you see yourself daily, to have stunning images to hold in your hands and be proud to leave as part of your legacy. As a gift FOR YOURSELF that you can share and enjoy WITH your partner! For all of these reasons and for none other than because you WANT TO! You don’t need any other reason than that and all of the above will be the amazing side effects you will get to enjoy!

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