Boston Area Boudoir Studio | Tara Starr Photography at The Swan Boudoir Studio

Ahhhhhhh, this amazing Swan! We had SO much fun during her session! This awesome gal signed on to be a Brand Rep. Shooting such intimate portraits, not every woman wants to share her images outside of her bedroom and thats totally fine. It’s important that we have images that we can use in any and all marketing. We are always so thrilled when woman sign on to be Brand Reps for the studio! We love using REAL WOMAN, not trained models to showcase the transformations, internal and external, that happen during and after the session!

Here is what this gorgeous Swan had to say about her time with us. “I was nervous but super excited. The stylists were Amazing!!! I was so happy with the my final look. The best part was how Tara made me feel so at ease and would position me. I was recommended by a friend and would absolutely recommend doing it. I consider my self a very shy person. But after seeing the pictures all I want to do is show them off to everyone. I am always looking at my pictures and show my album off to everyone who comes over. I did the session for a confidence boost and already have my next session booked!”

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Makeup by Izabelle Ohannessian

Hair by Brianna Lombardi