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Fequently Asked Questions



"do I bring my own clothes?  Do I need to wear lingerie?"

Yes, you bring your own clothes.  No, you do not need to wear lingerie if you don't want too!  We go over styling in depth in the Dream Shoot Planner and discuss it when planning your session.  Clients plan on 3-4 looks depending on the session booked and must bring in everything they want to wear.  "Implied nude" shots can be one look and can be achieved with sheets, blankets and pillows.  If lingerie isn't your thing we will come up with the perfect look for you.  Boudoir is not about woman in their underwear, it's about finding your most confident self and exuding that in your portraits.  You can wear a tee shirt and make it just as amazing and confident as that little lace bodysuit from Victoria's Secret, and confidence is te sexiest thing you can wear! 

"Is hair and makeup needed?"

I totally believe that something magic happens during the getting ready process.  Most woman have never had their makeup professionally done so when they do a new confidence comes over them and keeps building so by the time the first outfit is on you are READY!  When booking an Ultimate Swan Party or planned event dates, hair and make up services are provided at the studio for an additional cost.  When booking a private session I have local salons I can reccomend to get you gorgeous for your session.

"What if I don't know how to pose?"

Don't even worry!  You will be coached through every single pose.  It will feel like girlfriends at slumber party laughing, hanging out and taking pictures for fun!  We are always told by clients after the session that it was way more relaxed,not even a little scary and that they didn't want the session to end!

"Am I too old?  Should I lose weight?  What if I am not photogenic?"  

Forget any of these worries!  Boudoir is for EVERY WOMAN!  Every age, every size and even if you think you are not photogenic you have never had someone who speializes in female portraiture guide you through it every step of the way.  Trust us, you can rock a boudoir session like a super model and you will come out empowered like never before!

Do my pictures need to be posted online? 

Of course not!  Now as artist, we love to share our work so if you sign a model release for any images to be shared in a blog, on social media or on our website we are very greatful but we totally understand if the images are personal and just for you.  We respect your privacy and would never share any images without a signed model release.  You can alsways share some and not all, or agree to them being in my private facebook group and not on my public facebook page etc.  Whatever you are comfortable with is what we will do!  You don't have to decide until after you see all of the images at your ordering session.



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