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Tara Starr Hurley- Studio Owner & Portrait Artist


How The Swan Boudoir Studio came to creation

Hi there!  I am Tara Starr Hurley, the owner of The Swan Boudoir Studio by Tara Starr Photography.  Thank you for popping onto my website.  Please have a look around to really get a feel for our studio.  

I have been working as a professional photographer since 2010 but the passion for stopping time with my camera goes way back to my childhood.  I was always the girl with the camera and believe you can never ever take to many pictures.  When I first started working professionally I took pictures of anything and everything.  Weddings, families, kids, newborns, headshots.  I tried it all.  Boudoir came to me when a friend asked if I would take "sexy pictures" of her.  Was this a thing?  I had no idea but of course I said "Let's do it!"  We had so much fun and that same friend requested 2 more sessions at her house with 7 more friends each time!  Many more boudoir marathons would follow shooting in my livingroom or at Hair by Christine & Co hair salon.  

In 2014 I opened my home studio and jumped into my business full time.  I decided to really focus on children and families and took a little break with boudoir.  But it just kept calling me back.  I would do a session here and there but my studio wasn't really set up for it.  In late 2017 I had to do it!  I gutted my studio and transformed it into something special.  The cozy bedroom feel to my studio provides the perfect setting for intimate portraiture.  Boudoir portraits don't have to be scary!  The idea is to photograph a woman in her private space. A space where she is allowed to feel sexy, beautiful and confident.  The Swan Boudoir Studio acts as her bedroom during the portrait session......her "boudoir".  

Contact us today and let The Swan be your  "boudoir".     


The Studio

The Studio is desigend as a dream bedroom.  It's girly and cozy and gives you that welcoming feeling as soon as you enter.  It immediately sets our clients at ease and they can feel like they are just lounging around with friends.  We have often heard at our events with several Swans here together getting hair and makeup and pictures taken that it's not much different than a good old fashioned slumber party!


The center point of the studio is the bed.  With several differnt "looks" to dress it up with, it is always set up with a soft, neutral style to make sure our Swan is the main focus of her portraits.


Our Swans look stunning against this floral tapestry.  With everything else designed with simplicity in mind, this wall is the only "busy"part of the studio.

  THE AMAZING TEARDROP CHAIR    This chair is so much fun to shoot on!  It works great  for those super sexy poses accentuating  our Swan's legs.


This chair is so much fun to shoot on!  It works great  for those super sexy poses accentuating  our Swan's legs.

We also shoot on the pretty staircase and another couch set up (photos to come!)

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The Artist

Tara Starr Hurley is a proud police wife, mother of two crazy kids (and two crazy cats), high school cheer coach turned youth acro/dance teacher and extremely passionate about empowering woman through the art of boudoir portraiture.

"To know me is to know I pour my heart and soul into all of my creative passions.  If my name is on a project of any kind it will get every ounce of attention from me.  I treat every project, team, class I am leading like my baby.  I need to see the absolute best result come out of anything I create"
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