The Planning

Either on the phone or via email we will set a date for your session

After you go through everything in our Dream Session Planner we will also make time to discuss in depth the details about your session, such as styling and how you envision your finished Art Collection.  All of your fears will be put to rest during during our conversations.  We will go over everything you need to prepare for the session and exactly what to expect that day.  You should also plan to speak with whoever will be doing your hair and makeup that day in or out of the studio.  

We are also here to help put together your outfits prior to the session if you need help!  Send an email with some pictures or ask any advice you may need leading up to the session.  You are not alone in this at all!  We are here every step of the way! 


The Session

60 MINUTES of shooting, up to 4 outfits/looks

Now that we have set our goals for the session, we are ready!  You will come into the studio either for an event set up complete with professional hair and makeup (additional cost) or we have set a private session date and you will get hair and makeup on your own before coming into the studio.  We have several places we can recommend that will cover both hair and makeup.  Then together we will lay out your outfits and decide what looks will be best for the sets in the studio.  

Men/partners/children are not allowed in the studio when we are shooting.  We find this to be very distracting for our Swans and we want you to completly enjoy the experience.  If you have booked a private session and would feel more comfortable bringing a girlfriend this is totally fine and always helps our Swans to be at ease with their bestie around!    


The Ordering Session

1-1.5 hours back at the studio

About 1-3 weeks after your session you will come back to the studio to view and order your custom art.  We will view all the final hand edited images in a beautiful slideshow and sort out all of your favorites.  Together we will create the perfect Art Collection for you.  It is encouraged to leave your children at home during your ordering session to eliminate any distractions.  A husband/partner/friend is welcome to come to the ordering session with you.

Please understand this time is set up specifically for you and to be prepared to make all your purchases that day.  If an order is not placed the day of your ordering session the images will be archived and there is a 100 fee to prepare them for ordering again.

Clients will invest 800-2800 in their chosen Art Collections.  Payment plan options available. 


We would love to hear from you

Please contact us with any questions, to find out when the next event is, to book a private session or The Ultimate Swan Party