Massachusetts Natural Newborn Photography | The Swan Boudoir Studio by Tara Starr Photography

I was shooting newborns for quite a while and after each session there were so many things I loved and enjoyed. Meeting a new family at the most exciting time of their lives and getting to be a part of welcoming their beautiful new baby to the world was the absolute best part! I loved being the first to take such special and priceless images for the family. Images they will truly never be able to recreate. Images that will be so much more special as every year goes by. Seeing the baby change just between the time of the session and the portrait reveal/ordering session was amazing. My goodness babies do “grow so fast”. But then there were things I just felt I was doing because it was “the thing” to do. Things I didn’t love about the sessions. Waiting HOURS for the baby to fall asleep, I didn’t mind and totally had the patience for it but it always felt like I was torturing the new parents. Parents who were completely exhausted and living in a blur of no sleep. Don’t get me wrong, it was always worth it to get those beautiful “sleeping in a basket” poses (when and if the baby would allow it) and that was the thing, some babies did….some didn’t and I hated the pressure of getting these babies into unnatural poses just for the sake of a photo. After the LONG session (sometimes over 5 hours) my favorite images images were ALWAYS the ones of mum and dad looking at the baby, dad looking at mum holding the baby. Dad beaming with pride while they stare down at their beautiful new baby! Mom GLOWING even when she doesn’t FEEL beautiful because, well she just gave birth, she was always, ALWAYS glad that I made her get into some photos! ALWAYS!!!! It would make me SO SAD when I would do sessions only including the baby. Like SO SAD!! Because I knew nothing was more special than the family shots during this time that mum and dad will remember only as a blur.


I really didn’t want to swear off newborn sessions all together because I was so passionate about the beauty and importance of the simple family shots. And of course getting images of baby alone while in mom and dads arms or laying natural on the bed, and details of the baby. But NO MORE shoving baby in some unnatural pose or in a basket or waiting 4 hours for them to fall asleep. Thats great if it’s your thing and I can certainly appreciate how much work those images were to get and how cute they can be but for me, for my art, it just didn’t feel right. So I WILL still offer natural newborn sessions at my studio. Since we have the natural bedroom/livingroom feel already its perfect for a more natural lifestyle session, but it’s here so mum and dad don’t need to stress over cleaning their house right after giving birth! Also there is no stress to come in by 8 days old. Come in when you are ready!! Yes the baby changes fast and if you want that newborn look come in sooner than later but heal first! Us mom’s forget what our body just went through! Take as much time as you need and then we can bring you in and get some magical new images of your family!

Take a peak at some of my favorite natural newborn and baby photos. No crazy props, just the most important people in your life and the connections and love between everyone, the most important thing I could ever possibly capture! Styling is pretty important too and I have some pieces to offer mum and babies for these sessions as well. These pictures were taken before I redid my studio, I have no doubt than any newborn/baby session done here in my new space would be anything less than gorgeous!

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